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The CEAPS Story

Welcome to the Center for Endometriosis and Advanced Pelvic Surgery (CEAPS).

At CEAPS, we empower people through information, education and support.

Around the world, many people experience debilitating pain and uncertainty related to endometriosis, fibroids and other pelvic conditions. This can be overwhelming. At CEAPS we have made it our mission to help people face these conditions head on.

Armed with the necessary information and highest quality medical care and support out there, we believe that a pain free life is not only a possibility, but a reality.

With this passion, CEAPS proudly takes on a patient care perspective, ensuring each and every one of our patients is given the proper attention, time, care, and education to ensure they can take control of their own situation and be able to make informed decisions for themselves.

So often, we see patients that have been misdiagnosed, dismissed, mismedicated, and even put through futile invasive surgeries that lead to more pain, insecurity, and anxiety. At CEAPS, we aim to put an end to needless invasive surgeries, opting to perform optimal minimally invasive procedures, exhausting all options with the goal of healing and comfort for our patients.

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