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CEAPS Billing Notice

CEAPS is out of network with all health-care plans. Our #1 goal is to provide high-touch care to those suffering from endometriosis, however, we don’t want you to confuse this with “CEAPS doesn’t take my insurance” or that we are a “self-pay practice”. What this means is that because you are not seeing a physician in your preferred network, you will be covered under your “out of network” benefits, which may be at a lower level of coverage. At CEAPS, we do not believe that insurance companies should arbitrarily set coverage and payment for our services, being out of network allows us to deliver holistic care to each of our patients unique needs. 

Prior to pursuing any treatment with us, our staff will provide you with an estimate based on your surgery plan. When calculating your out of pocket estimate, we take into consideration things such as your current insurance coverage, complexity and time. 

We file all claims as a courtesy on your behalf, we will also file any appeals and work to maximize the existing coverage you have. 


How do office visits work? 

At the time of your appointment, we will collect payment for the visit and submit the claim to your insurance company as a courtesy for any eligible reimbursement or coverage.

If you have questions about the costs of our appointments or any of our services please contact our D.C. office at 703-505-0444 or our Miami office at 786-882-9966.

How much will surgery cost? 

Prior to pursuing treatment with us at CEAPS, our staff will provide you with an out of pocket quote for Dr. Moawad’s professional services for surgery. We will review your existing coverage, your benefits and what to expect. 

Keep in mind, the facility and anesthesiologist are billed separately (and typically in-network with most major health plans) and coverage/cost share information will be verified by their in-house staff and disclosed to you. 

Our office will provide you with any contact information for all parties involved in your care. 

What if I do not have out of network benefits or an HMO Policy? 

Do not let this scare you, in many instances, both the facility and anesthesiologist are covered under your existing plan and you can “self-pay” for Dr. Moawad’s professional fees. 

What methods of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major credit card carriers, checks and Care Credit. 

Does CEAPS do GAP Exceptions or Network Adequacy Requests? 

Depending on your insurance plan, there are coverage options for patients with unique or special medical circumstances. These decisions are made on a case by case basis and depend on your insurance plan. 


Call us or request an appointment with Dr. Gaby Moawad to address your condition.

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