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At CEAPS, we believe that our patients’ feedback speaks louder than any encouraging information we can share with you.

You can read some of our patients’ testimonials on Dr. Gaby Moawad’s work with them below.


At CEAPS, we believe that our patients’ feedback speaks louder than any encouraging information we can share with you. You can read some of our patients’ testimonials on Dr. Gaby Moawad’s work with them below.

Dr. Gaby Moawad will be my go-to from now on for my endometriosis and any other GYN care I need.

Keegan Spera

Dr. Moawad made me feel very comfortable during my appointment. He listened and assured me that his priority is to restore my quality of life. I’ve had surgeries in the past and went to another doctor, but none of them displayed true sincerity for my medical issues.”

Sybil Barksdale

Please, if you are on the fence like I was about surgery, go see Dr. Gaby Moawad. He's brilliant, funny, and is training two very capable and reassuring fellows. My only regret is not having this done sooner.”

Amy Seymore

The bedside manner and approach was a great experience. I have a follow up scheduled end of April and then will be waiting to hear if it’s surgery or radiology. I would highly recommend the doctor. Usually I cringe when a doctor mentions wanting a test, as I have had so many that I felt were not necessary but was with doctors that didn’t know what the pain. This time I feel like it won’t be a waste.”

Laura ‘Valentine’ Campbell

Dr. Moawad listened carefully and understood what was needed, walking me through options including whether ablation was really going to solve my problems. On February 8, I had a robotic-assisted total laparoscopic hysterectomy, cystoscopy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, excision of endometriosis, and right artery ligation. I am now almost 3 months post-procedure and feeling great. The robotic hysterectomy meant I was out patient and out of the hospital that afternoon and at home to rest and recuperate. I was walking without assistance the next day and within one week, felt almost normal. Now I feel like a different person. I highly recommend a robotic hysterectomy and I highly recommend Dr. Gaby Moawad if you are in the Metropolitan Washington area.”

Hillary Batjer Johnson

Dr. Gaby Moawad was heaven sent and he gave me hope with positive outcome! I went to several other doctors regarding my health options and they all stated that Dr. Moawad is the best in the Washington DC metropolitan area; he’s the only one that could potentially resolve my issue. He definitely did with great success! Not only is he the best in the business, but he’s extremely knowledgeable, patient, understanding and provided the ultimate care. He also provided statistics to help calm my concerns and nerves. My family and I felt like we were in good hands the entire time. Thank you Dr. Moawad! You are literally a life-saver!


Dr. Moawad is very professional, knowledgeable and passionate about his work. Prior to seeing him, I saw many doctors that weren't able to properly diagnose me. It took Dr. Moawad less than 5 minutes to diagnosed me based on all my symptoms. He provided me with all the information I needed to know and gave me options. He encouraged me to learn more about my illness by doing some reading. I had laparoscopic surgery and am know in my way to recovery. Appointment timeframe was quick too.


I would most definitely recommend Dr. Moawad. I recently had a robotic assisted laparoscopic total hysterectomy. Dr. Moawad accommodated a first visit with me soon after receiving a referral from my doctor. At each appointment the staff was very friendly and courteous, and I was seen immediately. Dr. Moawad carefully explained the procedure and pre- and post-operative expectations. Following the procedure, I experienced minimal discomfort for a day or two, and felt nearly back-to-normal by day 3.

Liz F.

I am 20 days post op from a robotic assisted minimally invasive Myomectomy. I am completely impressed with Dr. Moawad. His level of expertise and bedside manner is unrivaled. I would recommend him to friends and family without question. My expectations were exceeded by how minimal my scars are especially because I had such large fibroids. I am very thankful to him and his team for their level of competence and professionalism. (I was back in the office after only 8 days.)


I was referred to Dr. Moawad by my primary gynecologist. I had multiple large fibroids that were painful. I met with Dr. Moawad and discussed options and decided to move forward with laparoscopic myomectomy. Dr. Moawad and his team were very professional, helpful and took excellent care of me. I recovered from surgery with no complications and minimal pain. Dr. Moawad is an excellent and experienced surgeon and I highly recommend him.


Dr. Gaby Moawad was a life saver. I have stage 4 Endometriosis and already had a laparoscopy in 2016 but was still struggling with the symptoms. I was on Birth Control and then stopped to try to get pregnant. I tried for 6 months and did not get pregnant. I was in terrible pain. For example, I would wake up in the middle of the night to take an 800 mg ibuprofen because of the amount of pain I was in. I would take 3-4 of those a day. I couldn't take it anymore. I went to a fertility specialist in 2019 to see what my options were and she told me I needed to get surgery again. The MRI showed that I had 5 cysts and still stage 4 Endo. She referred me Dr. Gaby Moawad. All of my encounters with him were great. He put me at ease, answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. He cleared ALL of my endometriosis out while he performed the robotic laparoscopy on October 2019. After recovery, we started trying for a baby in December of 2019; I immediately got pregnant two months after in February of 2020! I thank God for this Doctor and I totally recommend him. He has a passion for this! I'm 9 weeks pregnant as I type this. I just want to encourage all of you who have struggled that there is hope and there are great medical professionals out there who have the tools, the passion and the skills to help you. You’re not alone!

Carolina Akins

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